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beef The meat of bovines (ex. cows, steers and bulls) slaughtered when older than 1 year; generally, has a dark red color, rich flavor, interior marbling, external fat and a firm to tender texture.
Beef marrow Soft, fatty tissue found in the hollow center of animal leg bones. It is considered a delicacy in many European countries and is the main ingredient in Italy's specialty osso buco. Beef marrow can be purchased at meat markets and is typically baked or poached.
Beefsteak tomatoes Large, bright red and globe-shaped tomatoes with dense flesh. They are delicious both raw and cooked.
corned beef Beef, usually a cut from the brisket or round, cured in a seasoned brine; has a grayish-pink to rosy red color and a salty flavor; also known as salt beef.
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