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angel food cake A light, airy cake made without egg yolks or other fats; its structure is based on the air whipped into the egg whites; traditionally baked in a tube pan.
cake In the United States, a broad range of pastries, including layer cakes, coffee cakes and gateaux; it can refer to almost anything that is baked, tender, sweet and sometimes frosted.
cake flour A low-protein wheat flour used for making cakes, pastry doughs and other tender baked goods.
cheesecake A rich, smooth dessert made by blending cream cheese, cottage cheese or ricotta with sugar, eggs and other flavorings, then baking; usually prepared in a springform pan dusted with cookie crumbs or ground nuts; the baked dessert is often topped with sour cream or fruit.
cupcake A small individual-sized cake baked in a mold such as a muffin pan, usually frosted and decorated.
dundee cake Scottish fruit cake containing orange peel, currants, almonds, spices. Just before baking, the top is covered with almonds.
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