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american cheese, processed Any of the group of U.S. cheeses made with emulsifiers to increase smoothness and pasteurized milk to increase storage life; 51% of the final weight must be cheese.
Anejo Cheese An "aged" white Mexican cheese with a dry, crumbly texture and a salty flavor. Look for it in Mexican markets and well-stocked grocery stores. Grated romano, Parmesan, or feta can be substituted.
Asadero cheese A Mexican cheese meaning literally a "roasting" cheese, is a mild, soft white variety typically used for melting. It is sold in Mexican markets and well-stocked grocery stores. Mozzarella or Monterey Jack may be substituted.
Blue cheese Refers to blue-veined cheeses of many varieties with rich, tangy flavor and creamy to crumbly consistency.
cheese Dairy products made from milk curds separated from the whey; numerous varieties are found worldwide.
Cheese, Cheddar, American A firm cheese made from whole cow's milk (generally pasteurized) produced principally in Wisconsin, New York and Vermont; ranges from white to orange in color and its flavor from mild to very sharp.
Cheese, Colby A cheese similar to Cheddar. Mild flavor. Common variety is Longhorn.
cheesecake A rich, smooth dessert made by blending cream cheese, cottage cheese or ricotta with sugar, eggs and other flavorings, then baking; usually prepared in a springform pan dusted with cookie crumbs or ground nuts; the baked dessert is often topped with sour cream or fruit.
cream cheese A fresh, soft, mild, white cheese made from cow's cream or a mixture of cow's cream and milk (some goat's milk cream cheese are available); used for baking, dips, dressings, confections and spreading on bread products; must contain 33% milkfat and not more than 55% moisture and is available, sometimes flavored, in various-sized blocks or whipped.
Pyramide Cheese A truncated pyramid is the shape of this small French chevre that is often coated with dark gray edible ash. The texture can range from soft to slightlt crumbly and depending upon it's age, in flvor from mild to sharp. It is wonderfule served with crackers or bread and fruit.
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