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chicken One of the principal USDA-recognized kinds of poultry; any of several varieties of common domestic fowl used for food as well as egg production; has both light and dark meat and relatively little fat.
chicken, broiler-fryer A chicken slaughtered when 13 weeks old; has a soft, smooth-textured skin, relatively lean flesh, flexible breastbone and an average market weight of 3.5 lb. (1.5 kg).
chicken, roaster A chicken slaughtered when 3-5 months old; has a smooth-textured skin, tender flesh, a less flexible breastbone than that of a broiler and an average market weight of 3.5-5 lb. (1.5-2 kg).
Chicken-Maryland In Australia, refers to chicken leg with both thigh and drumstick attatched. In the US, refers to any parts of chicken, crumbed, browned in hot fat, baked and served with cream gravy.
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