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Bittersweet chocolate Lightly sweetened eating or baking chocolate that generally contains about 40 percent cocoa butter. For superior quality, look for bittersweet chocolate with at least 50 percent cocoa butter. Store chocolate well wrapped in a cool, dry place for up to 4 months.
Chocolate A product of cocoa beans in which the chocolate liquor is mixed with cocoa butter in various proportions to produce the different varieties of chocolate. Bitter chocolate has no additional ingredients added. Other varieties of chocolate have additional cocoa butter added, along with sugar, milk, and vanilla.
chocolate, white A confection made of cocoa butter, sugar and flavorings; does not contain cocoa solids.
unsweetened chocolate Chocolate liquor or mass, without added sugar or flavorings; used in baking.
white chocolate A candy made from cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids and flavoring; because it contains no chocolate liquor it is usually labeled white confectionary bar or coating; it can be eaten as a candy or used in confections and pastries.
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