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Bavarian Cream A cream made with pastry cream lightened with whipped cream and stabilized with gelatine. This cream may then be poured into molds, or used as a filling for cakes or pastries. Bavarian cream is often flavored with fruit purees or alcohol.
Buttercream A mixture of butter, sugar, and eggs or custard; it is used to garnish cakes and pastries.
Clotted Cream This specialty of Devonshire, England (which is why it is also known as Devon cream) is a 55% (min) milkfat product made by heating shallow pans of milk to about 82 degrees C, holding them at this temperature for about an hour and then skimming off the yellow wrinkled cream crust that forms. After cooling the thickened cream is removed. It can be spread on bread or spooned atop fresh fruit or desserts. The traditional English 'cream tea' consists of clotted cream and jam served with scones and tea. Clotted cream can be refrigerated, tightly covered, for up to four days.
Cream This is the portion of milk that rises to the top when milk has not been homogenized. Cream is defined by its varying amounts of butterfat content. Half and half cream is a mixture of milk and cream resulting in a butterfat content of 12%. Sour cream and light cream have a butterfat content of 18-20%. Heavy cream will have no less than 30% butterfat averages around 36% and will go as high as 40%.
cream cheese A fresh, soft, mild, white cheese made from cow's cream or a mixture of cow's cream and milk (some goat's milk cream cheese are available); used for baking, dips, dressings, confections and spreading on bread products; must contain 33% milkfat and not more than 55% moisture and is available, sometimes flavored, in various-sized blocks or whipped.
Creaming Mixing ingredients together until they become fluffy like whipped cream.
Devon Cream Please see Clotted Cream
Pastry Cream A cooked custard thickened with flour. Some versions may use cornstarch or a mixture of the two starches.
Whipping Cream In US, cream with at least 30% butterfat.
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