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Arbequina (olives) These are very small, even tiny olives that are a medium brown color. They originate in Spain (the Siurana district in Catalonia) and are characterized by a small amount of pleasantly bitter flesh on each olive. They are always brine cured. This olive is also prized for making excellent olive oil.
Kalamata Olives A variety of Greek olives that originate from the city of Kalamata in the Southern Peloponnese of Greece. Kalamata olives are pickled in wine vinegar. The pickling process develops a very pronounced flavor of salt and vinegar. They have a very meaty flesh which is strong in flavor.
Moroccan (olives) This is not a variety of olive but rather a way of processing black, fully ripened olives in salt or oil so that they become very strongly flavored and assertively bitter.
Oil cured (olives) This is not a type of olive, but rather a way of curing them. Typically very ripe olives are macerated in oil and have a noticeably soft flesh.
Olives This is the edible fruit of the olive tree. Found in both green(unripe) and black(ripe) forms, each must undergo a process to remove the bitterness found in them. This curing process is done with brine solutions, salt curing, and drying.
Picholine (olives) A variety of olive that is always sold green. It is medium size, elongated and has its origins in the south of France. Its flavor is mild and nutty.
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