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arborio rice A short-grain rice with a hard core, white color and mild flavor; it becomes creamy when cooked and is used for risotto.
Chinese Black Forbidden Rice A premium medium-grain rice grown in China and once the exclusive grain of Chinese emperors. When cooked it is not sticky like other black rices and has a nutty taste and rich purple color.
converted rice Ice that is pressure-steamed and dried before milling to remove surface starch and help retain nutrients; has a pale beige color and the same flavor as white rice; also known as parboiled rice.
instant rice Fully cooked and flash-frozen rice; when rehydrated, it can lack flavor and be gritty; also known as quick-cooking rice.
Popcorn Rice A specialty long
Rice To push cooked food through a perforated kitchen tool called a ricer. The resulting food looks like rice.
wild rice The grain of a reed-like aquatic plant (Zizania aquatica) unrelated to rice; grown in the United States and Canada. The grains are long, slender and black, with a distinctive earthy, nutty flavor; available in three grades: giant (a very long grain and the best quality), fancy (a medium grain and of lesser quality) and select (a short grain).
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