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brown sugar Soft, refined sugar with a coating of molasses; can be dark or light, coarse or fine.
confectioners' sugar Refined sugar ground into a fine, white, easily dissolved powder; also known as powdered sugar and 10X sugar.
Icing Sugar Granulated suger that has been milled to produce a very fine powder.
sugar A sweet, water-soluble, crystalline carbohydrate; used as a sweetener and preservative for foods.
sugar snap pea A sweet pea that is a hybrid of the English pea and snow pea; the bright green, crisp pod and the paler green, tender seeds are both edible.
Sugar Syrup Differentiating from natural syrups, this term refers to a solution of sugar and water. Simple syrups are made with equal quantities of water and sugar. Heavy syrup is made with twice as much sugar as water. These types of syrups are used in making sorbets, soft drinks, and for soaking cakes.
Vanilla Sugar Sugar flavoured by placing several pods into an amount of sugar and allowing the flavour to develop over time.
Palm sugar Also known as jaggery and coconut sugar, is derived from boiling down the sap of various varieties of palm tree. Generally brown in color, it has a coarse, sticky texture and is used in Asian dishes. Logs, tubs, or cans of palm sugar are sold in Asian markets.
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