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cane syrup A thick, sweet syrup; the result of an intermediate step in the sugarcane refining process when the syrup is reduced.
corn syrup A thick, sweet syrup derived from cornstarch, composed of dextrose and glucose; available as clear (light) or brown (dark), which has caramel flavor and color added.
maple syrup A reddish-brown, viscous liquid with a sweet distinctive flavor, made by reducing the sap of the North American maple tree.
Sugar Syrup Differentiating from natural syrups, this term refers to a solution of sugar and water. Simple syrups are made with equal quantities of water and sugar. Heavy syrup is made with twice as much sugar as water. These types of syrups are used in making sorbets, soft drinks, and for soaking cakes.
syrup Sugar dissolved in liquid, usually water; it is often flavored with spices or citrus zest.
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