Recipes starting in the letter 'l'
Recipe Date Added Rating
La Madelein's Tomato Soup2005-01-15
La Serre's Gazpacho2004-10-01
LaGrange Lobster Chowder2005-02-10
Lakeside Nescafe Frappe2005-02-15
Lamb and Fennel Salad with Hazelnut Dressing2005-01-18
Lamb and Pasta Skillet Dinner2004-10-04
Lamb Shank Soup2005-01-15
Lamb Stew (Lammeintopf)2005-01-13
Lamb Stew Provencal2004-10-07
Lamb Stew with Beans and Escarole2005-01-13
Lamb Stew with Sweet Potatoes and Bell Peppers2004-10-07
Laredo Carne Asada con Chile Guajillo2005-01-31
Lasagna Pinwheels2005-03-06
Last Minute Chicken Dinner2003-05-07
Laura's Butternut Squash Soup2004-10-03
Laurie's Lemon Bars2004-10-01
Lavash (Crisp) Cracker Bread2005-01-13
Lavash (Soft) Pita Bread2005-01-13
Layer Cookies2005-01-13
Layered Chicken Casserole2004-10-10
Layered Fruit & Shrimp Salad2003-05-07
Layered Ginger Peach Dessert2005-03-03
Layered Soup Mix In A Jar2004-10-03
Layered Welsh Rarebit and Broccoli2004-10-05
Lazy Crock Pot Chicken2004-10-01
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