Recipe Date Added Rating
Fresh Vegetables and Cheese Dip2003-05-07
Baked Pumpkin Seeds2003-05-07
Roasted Onion and Eggplant Pâté2003-05-07
Jalapeño Cheese and Sausage Dip2003-05-07
Chip Dip2003-05-07
Super Simple Cracker Spread2003-05-07
Fruit Dip2003-05-07
Sausage Balls2003-05-07
Max's Tasty Tongue Twister Dip2003-05-07
Carmelized Bacon2003-05-07
Shrimp Remoulade2004-09-27
Baked Clam Appetizer2004-09-27
Mushrooms Stuffed with Crabmeat and Gruyere2004-09-28
Loch Ness Mystery2002-07-11
Derby Fizz2002-07-11
Bellini Cocktails2002-07-11
Cream Cheese Penguins2004-09-30
Addicting Chip Dip2004-09-30
Italian Nachos2004-09-30
Date Wrap2004-10-01
Colorado Potatoes2004-10-01
Shrimp Remoulade2004-10-01
Avocado Torey2004-10-01
Bulgur Pilaf with Mushrooms and Green Onions2004-10-01
Li'l Corn Dogs2004-10-01
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