Recipe Date Added Rating
Banana Biscuits2003-05-07
Baked Lima Beans2003-05-07
Fruit Pizza2003-05-07
Southern Baked Tofu2003-05-07
Mushroom Madness2003-05-07
Chestnuts & Rice2003-05-07
TVP Sloppy Joes2003-05-07
Lentil Tomato Stew2003-05-07
Red Dragon Pie (Adzuki Beans and Rice)2004-10-01
Veggie Pizza2004-10-01
Vegetarian Sweet Potato Stew2004-10-03
Bad Bob's Vegetarian Chili2004-10-03
Vegetarian Three-Bean Chili2004-10-03
Vegetable Bean Chili2004-10-03
Vegetarian Chili with Cilantro2004-10-03
Vegetarian Barley-Vegetable Soup2004-10-03
Tomato-Celery Soup2004-10-03
Sweet and Sour Beet Soup2004-10-03
Banana Walnut Tofu Muffins2004-10-03
Toasted Walnut Hummus2004-10-04
Vegetarian Pizza Fondue2004-10-04
Angel Hair Pasta with Black Truffles2004-10-04
Vegetarian Greek Salad Tacos2004-10-04
Mediterranean Tomato Salad2004-10-04
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