Recipe Date Added Rating
Chicken Fricassee2003-05-07
Country Chicken & Rice2003-05-07
Autumn Chicken Dinner2003-05-07
Chicken Fried Steak2003-05-07
Ginger-Mustard Chicken Breasts2003-05-07
Open Face Smoked Turkey & Asparagus Sandwich2003-05-07
Aussie Chicken2003-05-07
Last Minute Chicken Dinner2003-05-07
Spicy Fried Chicken Pasta Salad2003-05-07
Pasta Chicken2003-05-07
Chicken, Snowpeas and Vinaigrette2003-05-07
Soy, Ginger, and Five-Spice Turkey2004-09-27
Cajun Chicken & Rice2004-09-27
Chicken Salad Santa Anna2004-09-28
Chicken and Cucumber Pasta Salad2004-09-28
Dijon Sauced Chicken Breasts2004-09-28
Apple Country Chicken Thighs2004-09-28
Apple-Honey Grilled Chicken2004-09-28
Key Lime Chicken2004-09-28
Cajun Chicken Morsels2004-09-28
Chicken in Almond Sauce2004-09-28
Al's Easy Chicken2004-09-28
Anne's Chicken for the Crock Pot2004-09-28
Barbecue Sauce for Chicken2004-09-28
Chicken Wings in Oyster Sauce2004-09-28
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