Recipe Date Added Rating
Low Fat Breakfast Apple Citrus Compote (high fiber)2005-01-14
Baked Apple Pancake2005-01-14
Mickey's Stuffed French Toast2005-01-14
Bad Bob's Breakfast Burritos2005-01-14
Easy Pancake Waffle2005-01-14
Gluten Free Pancakes2005-01-14
Zesty Sour Cream Waffles2005-01-14
PB&J French Toast2005-01-14
Eggs, Cheese and Truffles2005-01-14
Gritzwurst (German Breakfast)2005-01-14
Bisquick Chocolate Waffles2005-01-14
Texas Breakfast Casserole2005-01-14
Muesli Flapjacks2005-01-14
Swedish Pancakes2005-01-14
Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Waffles2005-01-14
My Baby's Favorite Pancakes2005-01-14
Joe's Mexican Deviled Eggs2005-01-14
Mia's Breakfast Pizza2005-01-14
Devilish Dan's Deviled Eggs2005-01-14
Sean's Scotch Eggs2005-01-14
West Texas Eggs2005-01-14
Awesome Chedder Puff Cake2005-01-14
Excelsior Waffles2005-01-14
Faraway Flapjacks2005-01-14
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