Quick All-Purpose Crepes

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Use blender or food processor to beat all ingredients until smooth. Let the batter stand for several hours or overnight before cooking the crepes. Brush a crepe or omelet pan or small skillet with vegetable oil or melted butter; heat until hot, not smoking. Test proper griddle heat by sprinkling on water from wet hands; water will sizzle at proper temperature.

Add about two tablespoons batter. Move the pan to coat with the batter. When crepe is set (about one minute), turn it over by gently moving a spatula under the crepe. Cook on other side approximately 1/2 minute. Place the crepe on a towel, stack to use or place between waxed paper to freeze.

Silver Dollar Crepes
Increase milk about 1/4 cup to make a thinner batter. Pour small amount of batter on hot, greased griddle to form a 3- or 4-inch crepe.

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