Quick Curry and Mustard Seed Pasta

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First, get the noodles cooked and set aside. That saves time. It is ok if the noodles get cold; the sauce is really hot when it is poured over it.

Saute onion, mustard seed, cumin seed, Soup Starter rice and dehydrated veggies (not the spice pak yet), and curry in enough oil in a fry pan to just cover the bottom for about 10 minutes covered, stirring occasionally to prevent it from sticking. Keep adding oil as the veggies absorb it.

In a seperate large soup pot, mix the two cans of tomato soup (don't add water- you want it to be real thick) and soy milk until blended, then start to heat that up on medium. Add the sauted mixture (including oil in the pan) to the soup and stir well. Add the ginger, spike, and the spice packet from the soup starter.

Let the ingredients cook together. Stir to keep from sticking to the bottom. Add more of your favorite spices to taste. When you let it cook for about 10 minutes, (covered) look and see if the peanut oil has come to the top. When it does, take a spoon and scoop it out.

When that is done, just pour over noodles and top with Vegan Rella mozzerella flavor.

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